Yoga Videos

Yoga as Cross-training: Leg Day. Lifting can leave you muscle bound, hindering your range of motion and ultimate athleticism if you don’t cross train properly. This short 19 minute yoga video counteracts strength training with fascia release, flexibility and range of motion to keep you in peak physical and mental condition. Runners and cyclists may find this sequence a perfect antidote to the unilateral use of their sport. 


Free full-length video by Linsey: Yoga for Anxiety. This practice is grounding and good for anybody wanting to cultivate mental strength and a quieter mind. Find an open space to play in, and be prepared to have fun exploring new facets of your practice!


Achieving Peak Yoga Postures: A quick tutorial of what questions to ask and what to work on should you find yourself stagnant in pursuit of that big pose!

Headstand to Side Crow: Learn the secret to getting from headstand to sidecrow in this fun inverted transition!