Yoga Videos

Yoga Class for Strength, Stamina & Willpower: A new 40-minute vinyasa flow for manipura chakra. Yoga strap and block recommended.

Yin Yoga for Resiliency: A quiet, 40-minute yin class to break down old patterns and rebuild stronger on every level: body, mind and spirit. Cozy up with your favorite props (I love my sweater or a blanket!) and enjoy.

Yin Yoga: 42 minutes of fascia stretching, mind clarifying, energy purifying goodness! This passive, inward practice is exactly what I needed today for a reset and positivity. If you or someone you love needs peace, happiness, self care or calm, pass this on.

Yoga for Positivity: A 37-minute fast-paced yoga flow to expend excess energy and refocus the mind on positivity! Turn up your breath and turn down the tumult. Let’s tap back into gratitude and joy. Please use a block, strap or any other prop available for this more challenging practice, and modify to suit your needs.

Yoga Stretch for Lower Body: Neglecting to stretch can leave couch potatoes and athletes alike muscle bound, hindering your range of motion and overall health. This short 19 minute yoga video counteracts strength training with fascia release, flexibility and range of motion to keep you in peak physical and mental condition. Moderate to low intensity.

Yoga for Back & Shoulders: A perfect yoga sequence to stretch and rebalance the body after an upper body workout. Or, anyone can use this flow to release tight muscles! Moderate to low intensity.

Free full-length video by Linsey: Yoga for Anxiety. This practice is grounding and good for anybody wanting to cultivate mental strength and a quieter mind. Find an open space to play in, and be prepared to have fun exploring new facets of your practice!