Need to hit refresh on your gratitude practice? Want to feel less anxiety and more fulfillment? Receive the warm fuzzies of this feel good meditation, as you realize there is nothing left to want… just an embarrassment of riches around you to notice. 
We received glowing feedback from the last sleep meditation and wanted to add one more variation for those using it nightly. 
This meditation is for anyone looking for nurturing space to be held for restful sleep.

If your mind feels untethered, use this meditation to bring it back to the only place reality truly exists: in your present moment experience. Beginners and seasoned meditators will reap benefit from this easy and enjoyable reset.

Are you ready to unleash your greatest potential? Manifest your vibrancy and best self by putting what you want out into the universe.

These world circumstances are a chance for us to open our eyes and embrace new ways of thinking and living. This affirmation meditation will help you harness your potential and take an active part in your own positive metamorphosis.

This restorative meditation is a wonderful prelude into deep, restful sleep. Grab pillows, blankets, bolsters and more to create a perfect setup for relaxation!

New meditation for those feeling isolated or hardened. Guided meditation for connectedness, love, self-love, compassion, forgiveness and tuning of the heart chakra.

This active tense and relax meditation gives you mindfulness techniques to help keep you calm and happy for the rest of your day. Perfect for eradicating stress!

This simple grounding meditation is perfect for new and seasoned meditation practitioners alike! We all have the tools to re-ground ourselves when external circumstances have us emotionally and mentally exhausted. Meditating for just 10 minutes a day can build mental resilience and coping skills in these uncharted times.

Let Linsey Birusingh lead you through this simple, 10 minute meditation meant to rediscover your inner calm and equanimity. This meditation is a great reset for anyone feeling stressed, anxious, angry or unfocused.

This meditation is meant to give your mind a much needed break. Meditating for at least 10 minutes per day is proven to strengthen the telomeres at the end of your DNA for a longer life, produce more gray matter in your brain, optimize your productivity and make you a happier person.