Tissue recovery and self massage through myofascial release! Explore these techniques from head to toe and scrub as far forward as you need to get to your target areas. Just a small sample of a wide world of techniques to down regulate the nervous system and hydrate tissues for optimal bodily experience.

On a computer or life-long zoom call? Let’s shake it off with this mild yoga practice…

This flowy playtime flirts with forearm stand…

Dread and negativity are not our natural states. Let’s combat them with this mind and body opening flow!

A palm gazing meditation leads off this restorative, introspective class.

Let’s practice infinity pose, and more importantly, the interconnectedness and wholeness it symbolized!

This beginner-friendly, gentle yoga class is meant to lift your mood…

Very slow, stretchy gentle yoga just for you!

This class will help you focus on what really matters, and it warms the body up to practice Mermaid Pose.

This flow will help temper anger and irritability to give you a little chill pill.

This yoga sequence is meant to reduce stress levels with simple tools we already have at our disposal in yoga.

You’ll never have to get up off the floor during this gentle sequence.

Power practice to spark joy!

Gentle yoga to spark joy… because as daylight becomes more scarce, we need to keep our spark…

Gentle seated yoga for any body!

Power yoga for compassion and connection…

Gentle yoga for hips!

Gentle yoga for any body!

Self massage and a great workout combine in this quick class…

Grab a bolster or some other pillow-like props for restore…

Experience this well-rounded express vinyasa class!

A new restorative flow for introspection and peace.

Restorative sequence for you!

Play with forearm stand, discipline and hard work in this express vinyasa flow!

35 minutes of yin yoga, perfect for a small break in your day.

A mindful flow into playful pistol squats and toe stands. Play with us.

It’s okay to live in the mystery and magic of your practice. Flirt with that more experiential approach in this short power practice!

Play with energy and negative space in this flow that features big hip and shoulder opening.

Even a short pause for self care can be powerful! Carve out time for this Power 2, and see if it isn’t the pause button you need to optimize your mind, body and spirit.

Let’s play in this total-body sequence meant to take the parts of us that feel broken down, and rebuild them to be stronger!

This is a time of metamorphosis, on both global and personal levels. Let’s be conscious partners in our own change to ensure it’s positive! This well-rounded flow is meant to awaken your potential.

Clear your body, mind and emotions of toxicity with this hour yoga flow!

Detoxify and re-energize with this active flow leading into grasshopper pose.

Full length yoga flow from a live event!