If anxiety or fantasy have entranced you, bring your mind space back to the present with this enjoyable meditation. Short enough to use as a reset during a break in your day, and just long enough to use as a relaxing preparation for sleep at night.
This meditative breath work is for anyone, but with mindful considerations to cater to those healing trauma. Rejuvenate and reset with this 10 minute trauma-informed pranayama meditation break.
If chronic stress or trauma has dis-regulated your nervous system’s ability to relax, this meditation is for you. Maybe you’re someone who values non-doing as a way to replenish for improved engagement and enjoyment of life; then this meditation is also for you. As with any discipline, you won’t see results unless you put in the time. So reserve even 5-10 minutes a day to cultivate your relaxation response with this and other meditation, yoga or breathing techniques. Over a few months, you should feel a pleasant and sustainable shift.
Need to hit refresh on your gratitude practice? Want to feel less anxiety and more fulfillment? Receive the warm fuzzies of this feel good meditation, as you realize there is nothing left to want… just an embarrassment of riches around you to notice. 
We received glowing feedback from the last sleep meditation and wanted to add one more variation for those using it nightly. 
This guided meditation will help you find much needed rest. Works for both children and adults.

These world circumstances are a chance for us to open our eyes and embrace new ways of thinking and living. This affirmation meditation will help you harness your potential and take an active part in your own positive metamorphosis.

This restorative meditation is a wonderful prelude into deep, restful sleep. Grab pillows, blankets, bolsters and more to create a perfect setup for relaxation!