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Mind-Blowing Yoga Research

Can you kill bacteria and viruses with a yoga breathing technique? Can yoga change your DNA’s genetic expression? You’ll be fascinated by these recent research findings! Tina Dang is a 200 RYT yogi with a B.S. in Genetics and now a Ph.D. Student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She joins us this week to interpret these studies on bhramari breath and yoga asana. Find her blog on yoga research at www.scientificyogi.com

3:35 Can yoga change your DNA? (study) 8:30 Junk DNA tangent 12:26 DNA study outcome 19:50 Can yogic breathing techniques kill bacteria and viruses? (study) 23:00 Scientific explanation27:00 SARS COV study

Dismantling Common Yoga Beliefs

Are the yoga sutras the real authority? Is yoga actually 5000 years old? Is Kristen Bell’s naked pose “yoga”? Are we all one, or all alone? Yoga International Yoga History Podcast host and ERYT 500 Colin Hall teaches yoga history and philosophy. Today he lets us in on some self-labeled “controversial” perspectives that stem from his background of study. Find him on Instagram @colinyogin

2:15 fake yoga 6:40 yoga traditionalists vs. body-positive yoga 11:00 yoga history surprises 11:35 yoga is not 5000 years old? 14:26 we are NOT one says yoga sutras 19:20 yoga sutras NOT the authority?? 22:42 pissing people off, good conscience vs. good manners 23:58 dismantling yoga beliefs 25:01 the oneness delusion 27:13 focus on down regulation 28:10 collective trauma 32:25 business vs. yoga 37:12 hopes for yoga’s future

Growing a Yoga or Wellness Business

Adam Geneser’s yoga studio, Power Life, has grown to 13 locations and 50,000 student visits per month in 9 years. Geneser lets us in on how a yoga and wellness business keeps heart while expanding, the importance of culture, as well as tips and mistakes from his experience that others can learn from. For more on Power Life, visit www.powerlife.com

1:00 The start of Power Life 5:40 how to keep heart and authenticity as your yoga brand expands 7:45 growing during the pandemic 10:24 making yoga accessible for all 14:51 physical and mental reprieve 17:00 the evolution of yoga sculpt 18:45 evolving to meet yoga students needs and trends 20:40 21:10 feedback and growing yoga teachers 23:52 even the boss needs feedback 24:36 tips for yoga entrepreneurs 25:30 making mistakes 26:11 the odds are against you as an entrepreneur

Peri-menopause & Women’s Midlife

Perimenopause can last up to 15 years, and yet no one talks about the struggle. This episode is for every woman and everyone who loves a woman who will transition through menopause. Heidi Dyer candidly details her experience: an expected wild ride of symptoms, lows, difficulty with doctors, that eventually evolved into a celebration of self and community. Dyer is the creator of Crone Comfort and Wisdom, a group dedicated to the connection and support of women in midlife. She is a Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher and massage therapist. Heidi shares her love of her adopted home of Portugal through retreats designed to foster a deeper connection to the place, its people, and the traditions that preserve a harmonious way of living within its ecosystem. To learn more visit: www.cronecomfortandwisdom.com and www.littleseedrevolution.com

3:12 “fire breathing hell goddess” 4:30 crushing fatigue and insomnia 5:40 career and relationship impact 7:13 emotional volatility, mood swings 12:30 irregular menstruation 13:02 vaginal atrophy 14:08 low libido 14:30 hope and preparation 15:00 feeling unheard by healthcare professionals 18:00 suicidal thoughts 19:27 Heidi’s tips 21:45 touchstones, yoga, meditation, community of women 23:40 yin yoga for menopause and perimenopause 24:30 enjoy and celebrate the body 26:00 online community of support 28:36 the “crone” and empowering archetypes 30:14 book recommendations

Taboo Men’s Health Topics

There are health topics that completely alter our lives, relationships and enjoyment of life that we just don’t talk about. Today we normalize the conversation surrounding male sexual dysfunction and other seemingly taboo men’s health topics with Urologist Dr. Ryan Dornbier of the Urology Center of Iowa who is fellowship trained in mens health.

1:10 most men don’t make their own healthcare decisions 3:32 ejaculatory dysfunction, premature ejaculation 6:16 anejaculation, delayed ejaculation, relationship stress, fertility issues 7:30 erectile dysfunction 10:07 When is it normal to lose erectile function? 10:40 Cardiac health and erectile health 11:56 testosterone deficiency, testosterone replacement 14:35 Peyronie’s disease 19:25 intimacy and sex with Peyronie’s disease 19:56 mental health is key 21:01 talking with a partner, don’t stay silent

Demystifying Chinese Medicine & Acupressure Points

Amanda Lee Murphy LAC demystifies Chinese Medicine, tells us how acupuncture works, and give you simple at-home acupressure techniques to manage and prevent stress.

1:02 Acupuncture needles on cadavers 7:08 What is Chinese Medicine? 11:35 Chi explained 14:25 do less for more energy 17:55 pain as energy 20:00 why needling the knee helps the back 22:30 embryology 24:06 acupuncture explained 26:00 Learn self acupressure for stress relief 36:18 tip for headaches, sinus pressure and low back pain 38:37 western medicine 40:45 preventative medicine 42:10 acupressure point for anxiety, breath, immunity and free flow of chi 45:00 what to expect at a Chinese medicine appointment

Psychedelics & Dreams: Healing through the Unconscious Mind

Dr. Candida Maurer enlightens us on her psychedelic therapy research and the power of dream analysis, bringing over 40 years of psychology experience to the podcast. 

1:55 hypnosis 4:23 neuroscience and the unconscious mind 7:03 meaning of pain 9:06 dream analysis 11:00 dream symbols 13:00 psychedelic therapy 14:00 psychedelic medicine research 15:45 dangerous and safe psychedelic journeys 19:43 psychedelic resources 21:30 anxiety depression and trauma 22:55 meditation 24:57 yoga 25:36 grounding through the central channel

Pelvic Floor: Dysfunction, Myths & Yoga Application

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your pelvic floor with Pelvic Health Specialist Jasmine Garth DPT, PT, OCS DN! Plus PT and yoga exercises with Linsey Birusingh for connecting and re-educating this important foundation. This episode is for yoga teachers and students who still want to know more about the root lock “Mula Bandha”, and for those looking for answers to regain quality of life after dysfunction.

2:00 Why you should care 5:10 pelvic dysfunction happens in all populations 7:40 what is the pelvic floor? 8:45 diaphragm 12:31 anatomical layers 13:00 hip stability influence 13:53 compensation 15:35 posture, desk jobs 17:00 embarrassment 17:45 low back pain 19:26 myths 19:35 leakage after pregnancy 20:21 pain with sex 21:14 trauma and pelvic pain 22:49 mental health, anxiety 23:25 jaw clenching TMJ 24:45 yoga helps 27:25 exercises for root lock 28:30 use a mirror! 30:01 male anatomy 30:51 when NOT to activate your root lock or Mula Bandha 33:38 what to expect visiting a specialist 36:29 healing inspiration 41:00 fibromyalgia and UTIs 42:55 yoga exercise

Gina Caputo: Joy as Your Base Line

If you need vibrance, joy and humor in your yoga practice, look no further than veteran yoga teacher, health coach and behavior change specialist Gina Caputo. Today she lets us in on her secret to keeping her sunny disposition, even in tough times, shares a good lesson she learned through friend Michael Franti, and talks passionately about creativity’s ability to nourish the human spirit. Find her classes, satsang and more at ginacaputo.com

1:38 How to cultivate joy 5:03 The poopy diaper 7:45 Dance parties in dark moments and Michael Franti’s lesson 12:53 Creativity saves lives 18:42 Anapanasati meditation and Goenka 27:32 Influential mentors and ah-ha yoga moments, Shiva Rea and Max Strom and Pema Chodron 33:46 Keeping grounded through popularity and demand 37:42 Advice for yogis and yoga teachers 40:25 New endeavors, yoga potluck 43:15 Balancing self care and productivity 45:18 Health coaching and the science of behavior change 46:30 Strength training as cross training for yoga 46:59 Yoga asana may not be enough for everyone 48:46 Swinging heavy things for mental health

Lea Loncar: Legends of Legendary Teachers & the Future of Yoga

Wonder what teachers like Satchidananda and Pattabhi Jois were like to study under? Are you thirsty for authentic perspective on the future of yoga from a truly enlightened teacher? Lea Loncar is an international yoga teacher with a background in psychology, whose existential and philosophical undertones make her one of the most important yoga voices of our generation. Today we dive deep into queries of how yoga is needed moving forward, how yoga has changed since the 80s, how the challenges of modern life enriches the understanding of yoga, and why you shouldn’t wait to live your life fully. Connect with Lea at www.samvidyoga.com

1:46 Existential questions and deep thinking 3:35 Most influential famous and unknown yoga influences 3:58 Sachidananda and Pattabhi Jois 5:00 Mystical experiences with Sachidananda and yogis in caves 9:56 Foregoing solitude to be a teacher in the modern world, pursuing enlightenment in India and Asia before samsara 14:04 Raising conscious kids in a digital age, how it informed her perspective, where yoga is needed going forward 15:25 shaping the message for the next generation 18:53 What is most important for the new generation of yoga teachers to be mindful of? 21:03 Why yoga gets better with age 23:10 Kundalini awakening and physical fitness 24:53 Shamans, rituals, integration, spiritual and cultural practices 27:50 Don’t postpone your happiness

Am I a Candidate for Trauma-Informed Yoga? Linsey article for Yoga Medicine

Dr. Gil Hedley: Fascia, Movement & the Importance of Curiosity

Today, Dr. Hedley on his discovery of peri-fascia, what kinds of movement are most healthy for mind, body and spirit, what inflammatory emotions do to the body, and why nothing is separate, in the body or the universe. Find free cadaver lab videos on fascia and anatomy and more at www.gilhedley.com

8:35 What is fascia? 11:02 Superficial fascia near the skin layer 12:17 Why our fatty layer or adipose tissue is important 13:17 Superficial fascia’s properties 13:49 Deep fascia and peri-fascia 16:29 Dissecting in a curious way 17:37 More on peri-fascia 20:55 Bringing tissues into health and consciousness 22:35 -27:45 The importance of moving in different ways 28:40 What movement is best? 29:52 Tiger Woods and neurological ruts 31:28 Keep moving differently, even if it’s being a “lefty” 39:52 Anatomy books dupe you, why words and labels hinder curiosity 44:05 Social stigma of dissection and “dead bodies” 50:18 Inflammatory emotions are bad for the physical body 53:44 Rolfing and influencing the tissues gently 58:42 Nothing is separate in humanity, or in the body.

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