2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

November 25, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Who else is gift-giving challenged? If I need to give a physical gift instead design a vacation or experience for someone, I’m uninspired and a little lost. That’s why I enlisted Amrita Pederson, my friend with the best present sense to share some ideas! My kids and husband are always elated by her thoughtfulness. In fact, her past personal gift record includes the Warmies Microwavable Lavender-scented Cow that my kids slept with for years, a grill spatula with a built-in flashlight so my husband can grill after dark, and an LED face mask system for my home spa. You’re in good hands! Here are her recommendations and insights for 2020 Holiday gifts all kinds of price points and people:


This company is known for being eco-friendly and creating lip colors that are neutral. They also cross skin tone boundaries at an affordable price point. Individual glosses and lipsticks range from $16.50-$18.00. They are currently offering a holiday gift set, the Holiday Faves Trio, that includes 3 nude colors lipsticks for $40.

Buddha Board

This gift is amazing because it cultivates creativity amongst all ages, but we also love that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. You can essentially water color on an erasable board with the use of water and a paint brush. This is great because the mess is limited and you can erase and restart at anytime without wasting paper or product for $34.95.

Boogie Board

Boogie Boards are amazing and sustainable in a similar way to the Buddha Board. They are a paperless notepad, but also offer a color variation for smaller children that want to draw. We bought these to use with our son when he had weekly spelling tests. It was great because it eliminated a lot of paper waste and he could still use it for a number or other things. These boards range in price between $21 and $34.95.

Food Bank of Iowa

My family, for now, is one of the fortunate families that is not dependent on help to access our next meal. However, outside of those that have been in need and continue to be, there are so many more facing hardship and an inability to put food on the table for the first time in a lifetime. I want to focus a lot of my charitable efforts to feeding others this year. The statistics are staggering regarding the amount of meals we can provide for $5. Food drives are continuously needed and appreciated, but food banks also have access to resources that will provide a significant amount of food for far less than the everyday consumer can provide. This may be a good gift for someone in your life that doesn’t necessarily need or want anything, but is looking to give back, especially during a pandemic. These are basic statistics provided by the Food Bank of Iowa, so these numbers could vary depending on your location:

  • $100 can purchase 10 cases of shelf-stable milk
  • $2,000 can purchase 10 tons of potatoes, or half a truckload
  • $5,000 can purchase almost an entire truck filled with a variety of fresh produce

Small business gift cards

Given the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, I think that if any of us can afford to, giving small businesses, particularly restaurants, business is ideal. However, many of us do not want to risk exposure, so a gift card may be a great way of gifting something to your special someone that you know he or she may really want or need and still keep the businesses we all love sustainable until these services become more accessible again. The best part about a gift card is that you can work within any budget that you can afford.

NIGHT Sleep Accessories

These items are gifts that do not fail. This company gained a cult following for silk pillow cases, eye masks and hair accessories and has been featured in publications like SELF, Forbes, Allure, US Weekly, People and Health, just to name a few. I can personally attest to the fact that these products offer rest, relaxation and health benefits for hair and skin. NIGHT now also produces face masks and skins products. Prices range from $15-$150, however, Good Morning America is currently running a special on these items for around 50% off atgmadeals.com. 

T3 Hair Appliances

I have tried numerous products and appliances and these products are incredible: so much so, that I have a hair dryer and curling iron. Also, the hair dryer, curling iron and hair straightener are now available on costco.com at a significant discount but Costco is offering an additional 20% off from now through December 24th. If you are a member, prices range from $49.99-69.99. I paid full retail for the curling iron at around $200 so while these are still pricey, they are quality products at a phenomenal price point.

A Kids Book About (By various authors)

These books are incredible. Two of our three boys are school aged. One is Pre-K and the other is in 6th grade. I bought these to assist in educating our Pre-K and 2 year old boys from home, as well as our eldest. This picture covers a majority, but not nearly all of the books that are authored by various professionals within his or her specific expertise. These books are $15.99 and are a phenomenal resource for explaining complicated subject matter for younger minds.


COVID 19 has defined this year and what the new normal will be indefinitely. If you have to wear a mask, these are IT. These masks are affordable and have been featured on numerous publications, including VOGUE, GQ and Forbes and they have a significant celebrity following. For Black Friday week, Masqd is offering 30% off site wide.

The company also always has a sale section, but if you sign up for the text/email list, you will receive an offer bi-weekly if not more often for 20-30% off of your total purchase, including sale items. Most importantly, this company is LA based and started up to support the need to supply masks when COVID hit the US and we were in desperate need of reliable protection. Mask prices range from $12-$28 for child and adult masks. They also offer mask accessories and optional insertable filters. They also offer a sport mask which is a fantastic gift for the active/outdoor enthusiast in your life.


If you have a love for truffles (aka mushrooms), this company offers some must haves. I have sampled and purchased truffle infused hot sauce, ketchup and mustard. The products are flavorful and make an excellent gift to splurge on for someone that has a passion for truffle infused products. Prices range from $17.98-$249.99 depending on size and quantity.

Streaming/Audible Subscriptions

Given the lifestyle limitations that we all are experiencing due to the pandemic, streaming services are more appreciated and in demand than ever. There are several bundles and discounts available including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month.  Disney+, like many other streaming services, also offer discounted annual rates if you opt to pay for a full year rather than paying monthly. These discounts usually offer a discount of as much as 20% off if purchased annually versus monthly.

NBC’s new Peacock streaming service that was released last month is offering discounted annual rates this week through November 29th. Peacock has three subscription tiers. The 1st is free but the content is limited. Peacock Premium allows all content with commercials and is currently discounted at $39.99 annually versus the standard price point of 49.99. Peacock Premium Plus allows for all content with no commercials and is discounted at $89.99 annually versus the standard price point of $99.99.

For that special person in your life that has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Audible Plus is available for the next 48 hours for $4.95 a month for the first 6 months and includes a $10 Amazon credit. After 6 months, the price increases to $7.95 a month but the subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

You The Fan

This site is a must for the sports enthusiast in your life. My husband and three sons have an obsession for the Philadelphia Eagles and I have purchased some unique gifts from this site for them. They offer a variety of items for all college and professional sports teams that can fit any budget. They are currently offering 50% off of limited items onviewyourdeal.com

As you complete your holiday shopping in the coming weeks, remember that there are so many resources that offer phenomenal gifts at deeply discounted prices. Good Morning America’s Deals and Steals (gmadeals.com), The View’s View Your Deal (viewyourdeal.com), and The Today Show’s Jills Steals and Deals (deals.today.com) offer top of the line and innovative gift options at deeply discounted prices. These shows will be running specials on these sites weekly into early December. We hope this helps alleviate some of the holiday anxiety and stress and always remember when gifting…it is the thought that counts!